About Us

A Little Background:

I started giving what I called “smile-a-day” boxes or baskets to family and friends who were going through some kind of difficult time. Each box or basket contained individually wrapped items with instructions that they were to be opened one each day over a period of time – a week, two weeks or longer. My first smile-a-day box was for my mother in the 1970s, when she was recovering from surgery. Most of the smile-a-day boxes or baskets over the years were given to friends and family who needed short term “cheer” during recovery from events such as hip or knee replacement, breast cancer treatment, chemotherapy, heart attack, etc. However, when my father was terminally ill out of state, I sent him a smile-a-day box every two weeks for nearly six months. These small wrapped gifts were not expensive – just something to make him smile and be reminded each day that I was thinking of him, such as a book, a puzzle, a lucky penny, a magnet. Similarly, after the 5-year old daughter of another family member was diagnosed with leukemia a few years ago, I sent her a box of “smiles” when she started undergoing chemotherapy and then continued sending her wrapped gifts to refill the box each month for over a year while she continued with treatment. Instead of opening one each day, her mother saved the “smiles” for appropriate times when especially needed and taught her to share the wrapped gifts not only with her siblings but also with other patients at the Children’s Hospital where she spent much time. Thankfully, she is now in remission. She has since sent me a “smile-a-day box” that she decorated herself with special gifts for me to open as I recovered from a hospital stay and has also given smile-a-day boxes to other children fighting serious illnesses.

The “smile-a-day boxes” that began as a personal message from me to friends and loved ones have now become a means for others to cheer friends and family in a daily, tangible way. The Smile-A-Day, LLC smile-a-day box™ made its debut as one of the sponsors of the Symphony in the Park at Ijams Nature Center in September 2018 and included donations of two of the larger boxes to the event’s silent auction fund raiser.

Available Smile-a-Day Boxes™

Each standard-sized keepsake smile-a-day box™ contains 7+ “smiles” and fits easily on a hospital or home bedside stand. A larger smile-a-day box™ containing 14+ “smiles” is also available upon special request. Both boxes are sturdy, reusable and feature individually wrapped gifts – sure to make the recipients grin each day! Depending on the size of the box, each contains gender or age-appropriate gifts and includes items such as a card, humor or inspirational book, puzzle book, puzzle, game, craft or art project, note cards, whistle or other noise maker, stress ball, and other small smile-inducing treats. (Patients love the whistles even if hospital staff or caregivers might not!) Boxes for breast cancer patients contain items wrapped in pink or have a pink theme. Custom boxes designed with a specific recipient’s interests in mind may also be available upon request. Boxes may be purchased online and hopefully soon at your local hospital gift shop.


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